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Communicating with data
There are many ways to share data assets in Patterns. You can share a copy of an entire AI Analyst or just the results of a single Analysis. Here are some of the ways to you can share your insights with Patterns.
Click on any Analysis in the left-bar to view a presentation ready version that includes an AI generated explanation of the Analysis, the chart, and optionally the SQL and data.
You can easily share a PDF by clicking in the top-right to save and send, or you can link another member to the Analysis my copying the link.

Sharing Chats

Sometimes you might want to share an entire conversation with a stakeholder to show how you arrived at a conclusion. You can click in the top-right to share with teammates. This makes the chat available to all people in your organization and also provides a link for direct linking.

Sharing Dashboards

Every dashboard has a "Preview" mode. Click to preview and grab the link to share with anyone.

Sharing Externally

To protect your data, by defult all AI Analysts are private and data cannot leave our system. However, you might want to share links to dashboards, chats, and Analyses to external stakeholders.
To do this, you must first "Share" your AI Analyst, which effectively makes those links public for anyone who has access to see without logging into your organization. They cannot execute any queries or analyses, but they can see the data you provide to them.